Software Services

Technology is an essential component of any successful organization, but it must be understood and used correctly. It might be difficult to keep up with current opportunities given by technology since it advances so rapidly, but ensuring your firm is using the best tools for its needs is vital for top performance.

Agile Corp Solutions uses tools and technologies to help improve some of the processes involved in management systems as part of our focus on offering management system solutions for our clients.

These tools and software are designed to assist in:

  • Monitoring and Verifying Compliance
  • Keeping track of decisions and activities
  • Obtaining pertinent data and offering analysis and reports
  • Information administration

The following are some of the processes that our tools and software support:

  • Management of Incidents
  • Management of Hazard Assessment and Hazard Registers
  • Internal Controls
  • Management of Compliance
  • Non-conformity Management / Corrective and Preventive Action

Agile Corp Solutions solution offering also includes application development. The applications are related to Agile Corp Solutions (Management Systems, Contracting, and Procurement) and were created to serve our general goal of improving efficiency and assisting organizations in focusing on their core business.

Assurance of Procure to Pay (P2P)

  • A revolutionary technology and service offering that eliminates CAPEX / OPEX leakage and drastically reduces overheads.
  • P2P approach that integrates intuitive Smart App technology with complete Web capability.
  • Streamlined, automated procedures provide tremendous benefit to all stakeholders while reducing overhead immediately.
  • Increases openness while decreasing paperwork.



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